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Computer Maintenance

Brighton I.T. provide a full range of computer repair and computer maintenance services on-site throughout Sussex . Hardware fault diagnosis and repair is usually provided within 48 hours as we appreciate how frustrating it is when your computer maintenance plan has failed and you are left with an unusable machine.

Software Issues

Windows has never been 100% reliable and from time to time, especially with the addition of viruses and malware, your computer can give up the fight. Wherever possible we will try to repair damaged Windows installations on-site, if in the unfortunate event your computer cannot be recovered easily we will transport your equipment ,where we can SAVE YOUR DATA. See Data Recovery.

We can diagnose faulty applications, software drivers and data stores and retrieve data/ repair your damaged applications on-site in 95% of cases.

Your data IS important to us and we will always make its protection our number one priority; we supply data backups on DVD if your PC has had to have windows re-installed for any reason. Never think you have lost your documents, pictures, music, etc. until we have looked at your system. We use the latest forensic data recovery software to retrieve lost or damaged data and are successful in 98% of cases where it is thought to have been lost.


Hardware Issues

We are experienced in diagnosing hardware problems, so if your computer maintenance has been neglected and your computer starts acting strangely, it's possible you could have a fault with a hard disk, memory, motherboard, CPU, optical drive or other hardware element. If there's no power the chances are a straightforward replacemnt of the PSU (power supply unit) in your box would fix it - a short and inexpensive job.

For the majority of cases we are able to diagnose and fix hardware faults on site at time of callout - we carry a wide range of spares - if your machine need transporting to our workshop we will do this for you and provide any parts needed to complete repair; we always quote and stick to our quotes so you will never get a nasty surprise or work done which you haven't agreed to.

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