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Security is a big issue now in the PC domain, as so many of us choose to shop online - it's important that your computer isn't compromised or you could find that someone else will soon be using your credit card details. We are experts in firewall, malware and virus protection and can make sure that your PC or wireless connection is not being used by anyone else without your consent.

Parental Controls

The internet is a fascinating and immensely useful tool for children, who are encouraged to use it creatively for learning and entertainment, but as it is so big that are dangers lurking that can corrupt young children. Brighton I.T. are experts in family friendly surfing and protection for your little ones form unwanted internet website or chatroom content. We can put in place the necessary software protections, eg. NetNanny, and make sure that yor browser and user accounts are configured to protect youngsters. The number one rule is as always though to know what your children are viewing on the internet, and for young children it is important that they use a shared computer in a public part of the house or classroom.

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